About FreeBoards.org

FreeBoards.org was created in March of 2014 dedicated to bringing ad free forum hosting. FreeBoards.org has over 10 years of experience in forum hosting and has created some of the leading forums hosts around such as CreateAForum.com and many others. With no limits on the number of posts/members/boards you can make your forum as big as you want it to be and best all of it is ad free without any banner ads.

What makes our forums stand out is the number of features that end users can have for their forums such as arcade, portal system, download system, photo gallery, ecommerce, classifieds system, badge awards and many other features! We also have a member to member support forum where members can give each other support. Also as the creator of the forum system we also are making new updates/changes to make the best forum experience possible.


The FreeBoards.org team